WMD Profiles

Nuclear Weapons

One nuclear weapon could kill millions and destroy the natural environment. It is the most dangerous weapon on earth. Preventing the spread of technology and material that can be used in such weapons is the Wisconsin Project's founding mission and our ongoing objective.

Nuclear Weapons Primer

Learn about the steps and materials needed to make a nuclear weapon, a description of weapon designs, and a history of nuclear weapon tests. →

Chemical Weapons

Toxic chemicals have long been used in warfare, most recently by Iraq, against its Kurdish population and Iran, and by Syria, against civilians. The Wisconsin Project focuses on countries seeking to expand their chemical weapon capabilities, and tracks dual-use chemical sales to these countries.

Chemical Weapons Primer

Learn about chemical agents, key precursors, and the chemical weapon production and weaponization process. →

Long-Range Missiles

Only nuclear weapon powers, or countries seeking nuclear weapons, have built such missiles. Their accuracy over long distances when armed with a nuclear warhead would destroy most targets. Our research focuses on countries expanding their ballistic missile capacity and on how exports fuel such efforts.

Long-Range Missiles Primer

Learn about ballistic and cruise missile propulsion, staging, guidance, and warhead considerations for a WMD payload. →