Our Users

In some 40 countries, government officials in licensing, customs, law enforcement, policy-making, financial regulation, and intelligence roles rely upon the Risk Report on a daily basis to help make decisions of strategic importance.

Companies have come to realize the potential damage that can come from unwittingly doing business with a restricted party or an entity linked to a dangerous weapon program. Basic due diligence is not enough to protect companies from such transactions, particularly when weighing costs of a bad decision: hefty fines and reputational damage. The Risk Report supports companies committed to taking an extra step when it comes to compliance.

Government Use

  • Border guards and customs officers use the Risk Report to check shipment manifests, screen cargo, and for cargo targeting
  • Licensing officials use the Risk Report for end user analysis or to explain a decision to an exporter
  • Prosecutors and investigators use the Risk Report to build public cases
  • Intelligence agencies use the Risk Report for analysis
  • Analysts and policy officials use the Risk Report to build entity warning and blacklists
    • In 1998, U.S. officials used data from the Risk Report in designating firms involved in nuclear tests in India and Pakistan.
    • The United Nations, the European Union and the United States used data from the Risk Report in designating Iranian firms involved in Iran’s illicit nuclear and ballistic missile efforts.
  • Financial regulators use the Risk Report to support the implementation of targeted financial sanctions and to support enhanced due diligence and screening
  • Maritime officials use it to screen vessels seeking registration

Company Use

  • An analytical imaging company in the Netherlands uses the Risk Report to screen customers
  • A European defense conglomerate incorporates customized data from the Risk Report into its existing compliance screening system
  • A Silicon Valley software firm employs the Risk Report in its day-to-day due diligence procedures
  • A Japanese electronics corporation uses Risk Report data as part of its automated screening