Table of Iran’s Ballistic Missile Arsenal

The table below sets forth what is publicly known about the size and capability of Iran’s nuclear-capable ballistic missiles.

Scud B (Shahab-1)up to 300 km770-1,000 kgliquid fuel, single stageLibya, North Korea~1 kmdeployed
Scud C (Shahab-2)~500 km~700 kgliquid fuel, single stageNorth Koreadeployed
Shahab-31,300 km~750 kgliquid fuel, single stageRussia, North Korea~3 kmdeployed
Shahab-3 variantsup to 2,000 km750-1,000 kgliquid fuel, single stagetested successfully
(Qadr, Ghadr)
BM-252,500 kmliquid fuel, single stageNorth Korealimited number delivered
Safir2,000 km (estimated if used as a missile)1,000 kgliquid fuel, two stageoperational
(space launcher)
Sejilup to 2,500 km1,000 kgsolid fuel, two stagetested