India’s Proliferation Record: Nuclear and Missile Diversion

This collection of articles and testimony describes India’s diversion of civilian foreign assistance to its missile and nuclear weapon programs.


Seventeen Myths about the Indian Nuclear Deal


India Nuclear Milestones: 1945-2009

India Missile Milestones: 1947-2012


U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation (Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 2006)

Written response to questions submitted by Senator Biden (Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 2006)

Cooperation in Space and Missiles (House Committee on Science 1998)

Nuclear Diversion

India: Nuclear Helpers (The Risk Report 1995)

India’s Big Emerging Market Poses Nuclear Risk (The Risk Report 1995)

India Moves from Smuggling to Exporting Heavy Water (The Risk Report 1995)

Soviet Nuclear Breakup – Promise or Peril? (International Affairs 1992)

Asia’s Nuclear Nightmare: The German Connection (The Washington Post 1990)

Heavy Water Cheaters (Foreign Policy 1987-1988)

Stopping the Indian Bomb (The American Journal of International Law 1987)

India’s Back Door to the Atomic Club (The Philadelphia Inquirer 1987)

Dateline New Delhi: India’s Nuclear Cover-up (Foreign Policy 1986)

Is India Dodging Nuclear Controls? (The New York Times 1986)

Missile Diversion

India: Missile Helpers (The Risk Report 1995)

Made in America? How US Exports Helped Fuel the South Asian Arms Race (The Washington Post 1998)

India’s Missiles – With a Little Help from Our Friends (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 1991)