Increasing Transparency under the JCPOA

Executive Director Valerie Lincy's remarks on transparency under the Iran nuclear deal at VCDNP's event: Transparency and the NPT: New Goals and Norms

Pyongyang’s Growing Nuclear Arsenal

North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear weapons test in September 2016, which was its strongest to date. At the same time, operations continue at the Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center, North Korea’s primary fissile material production facility. Pyongyang is producing both plutonium and highly enriched uranium (HEU) at Yongbyon, and is expanding operations there.

Iran’s Nuclear Veil

How to increase transparency under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Another Iranian Bank Receives Early Sanctions Relief

Another Iranian bank has received sanctions relief earlier than anticipated under the nuclear deal with Iran.  The European Union’s sanctions on state-owned Bank Saderat Iran and its London-based subsidiary, BankSaderat…

The Real Problem with Iran’s Nuclear Exemptions is Secrecy

The controversy over the Iran nuclear agreement was reignited last week, after a new report revealed secret exemptions Iran received in order to meet the requirements of the agreement.  The…

A History of Iran’s Nuclear Program

This is a brief history of Iran’s progress toward the ability to build a nuclear weapon. The emphasis is on achievements, rather than motives. The achievements presented here have been…

The Iran Deal: Who Has the Leverage?

Panelists Olli Heinonen Kenneth Katzman (*) David Kay John Lauder Michael Singh Moderated by the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control This month marks the anniversary of the historic nuclear…

The Iran Deal: One Year Later

On the first anniversary of the nuclear deal with Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran Watch is publishing a compendium of its year-long analysis of the…

The Iran Nuclear Agreement: What Comes Next?

Remarks at the Heritage Foundation, Washington D.C. The nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 was officially implemented in January 2016.  As a result, Iran has agreed to restrict the most…

Simmering Dissatisfaction on Both Sides of Nuclear Deal

Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif met in New York on April 19 amid dissatisfaction on both sides about the implementation of the nuclear agreement….