Our Research

Risky Entities

In its Risk Report database, the Wisconsin Project uses reliable open sources to profile thousands of entities around the world linked to the proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, missiles, and advanced military technology.

Ningbo New Century Import and Export Company, Ltd.

A China-based import and export company that has facilitated shipments of dual-use items to Iran; some items were ultimately destined for U.N.-sanctioned Shahid Hemat Industrial Group (SHIG); sanctioned by the United States in 2017. →


The Wisconsin Project's reports track WMD programs and the companies supplying them. In op-eds and articles, we argue for strict enforcement of strategic trade controls to inhibit proliferation.

Pakistan Prioritizes Short-Range, Nuclear-Capable Missiles

Pakistan may hope its new short-range missiles deter conventional attacks from India, but they could also lower the threshold for nuclear weapons use in South Asia. →

Countries to Watch

The Wisconsin Project focuses its research on countries outside the NPT that have nuclear weapons, those seeking to develop weapons of mass destruction, and countries around the world that support WMD programs.

Pyongyang’s Growing Nuclear Arsenal

An analysis of North Korea's nuclear program following its fifth nuclear weapons test. →