India’s Expanding Missile Force

Test Launch of the K-15 (aka B0-5) SLBM, January 2013 (Courtesy: Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO))

This chart provides information on India’s arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles. It is updated on a rolling bases to include the dates of the latest tests and other developments as they occur. An asterisk beside a data point indicates that this information did not come from an official source but from a reliable, secondary source.

NameTypeRangeStages/FuelPayload CapacityLast Reported TestInducted?Nuclear Capable?
Prithvi-IBallistic150 kmSingle/Liquid800 kg*May 2007Y(a)Y
Prithvi-IIBallistic350 kmSingle/Liquid500-1,000 kgJune 2017YY
DhanushBallistic350 kmSingle/Liquid500 kgApril 2015*Y*Y
Agni-IBallistic700 kmSingle/Solid*1,000 kg*November 2016*YY*
Agni-IIBallistic2,000 kmTwo/Solid1 tonMay 2017*YY
Agni-IIIBallistic3,500 kmTwo/Solid1.5 tonsApril 2017*YY*
Agni-IVBallistic4,000 kmTwo/Solid1,000 kg*January 2017Y*Y
Agni-VBallistic+5,000 kmThree/Solid1,000 kg*December 2016NY
PrahaarBallistic150 kmSingle/Solid200 kgJuly 2011N*N*
PragatiBallistic*60 km – 170 km*Single/Solid*200 kgNot TestedN*N*
K-15 (aka B0-5)SLBM(b)750 km*Two/Solid*1,000 kg*January 2013NY*
K-4SLBM*3,500 km*Two/Solid*UnknownMarch 2016(c)*N*Y*
BrahMosCruise290-400 kmTwo/Solid and Liquid(d)200-300 kgMay 2017(e)(f)N-I: Y

B-I: Y




NirbhayCruise1,000 kmTwo/solid and liquid(g)450 kg*November 2017N*Y*

a. The Prithvi-I will reportedly be withdrawn from service and upgraded.

b. Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile.

c. The K-4 was reportedly tested twice in March 2016. The first test was on March 7, and the second on March 31. The March 31 test was the first conducted from the INS Arihant ballistic missile submarine (SSBN).

d. The boost phase is solid-fueled while the cruise phase is powered by a liquid ramjet engine.

e. Consecutive tests of the Block-III were conducted on May 2 and 3.

f. The BrahMos is deployed on multiple platforms. Each deployment has its own designation. N-I refers to deployments on surface naval vessels. Blocks (B) I-III refer to deployments with the Indian Army. ALCM refers to Air-Launched Cruise Missiles and SLCM refers to Submarine-Launched Cruise Missiles.

g. The boost phase is solid-fueled while the cruise phase is powered by a liquid turbofan engine.