Stopping Arms Proliferation at the Source

News and publications

North Korea Nuclear Program: Latest developments in North Korea's nuclear program available in this update. A timeline tracking the history of the program available here. A timeline tracking the history of the missile program available here.

Pakistan Missile Program: Latest developments in Pakistan's missile program available in this update.

India Missile Program: Latest developments in India's missile program available in this update and chart.

Weapons of mass destruction profiles

nuclear symbol Nuclear - The steps and materials needed to make a nuclear weapon, a description of weapon designs, and a history of nuclear weapon tests.

Chemical Symbol Chemical - A description of chemical agents and the process of producing and weaponizing chemical agents.

Missile Symbol Missile - An introduction to long-range missiles, including ballistic and cruise missiles, and considerations in using these missiles to deliver a nuclear, chemical, or biological payload.












Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control

The Wisconsin Project carries out research and public education designed to stop the spread of mass destruction weapons and long-range missiles. The Project has been investigating transfers of nuclear, chemical/biological and missile-related technology since 1986. It is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization in Washington, D.C. founded in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin.  The Project’s three principal products are:

The Risk Report database
The leading source of unclassified information on companies around the world suspected of building weapons of mass destruction.  Some 30 governments use it to keep dangerous products out of the wrong hands.

Iran Watch
A comprehensive web site that tracks Iran’s ability to construct nuclear and chemical weapons and the missiles to deliver them.

Iraq Watch
An archived web site that contains information about Iraq’s past mass destruction weapon programs, who supplied them, the U.N. inspection process, the post-war weapon search, and remaining disarmament questions.