Company of Metallic Constructions and Mechanical Industries

Subordinate to Handasieh (General Establishment for Engineering Industries), which acts on behalf of Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC),  a Syrian government agency responsible for developing chemical weapons and ballistic missiles.

Identified as the consignee of a shipment of military-related items from North Korea that was seized by French authorities in November 2010; the shipment contained 1,800 brass discs and copper bars that could be used to manufacture artillery ammunition, as well as aluminum alloy tubes for manufacturing rockets; the cargo was seized aboard the MV San Francisco Bridge, a container ship, en route to Syria; the shipper was Jing Huan Trade Company, a Dandong, China-based front company for North Korea’s Korea Ryongbong General Corporation.

Produces steam boilers, low voltage electricity towers, water desalination equipment, solar panels, trailers for the transportation of fuel and heavy equipment, and storage tanks; production units have included Metal Construction Co., Al-Waleed Microbus Factory, Liquefied Gas Factory, Light Metal Work Factory, and Solar Energy Plant.

Managing director is reportedly Jamil Azedin; reportedly opened its first factory in Adra, Syria in 1976.

ENTITY ALIASES:Metallic Construction and Mechanical Industries Co.
The General Company for Metals Construction
Mattock Construct
Metal Construction & Mechanic Industry Co
Company for Metalic Constructions & Mechanical Industries
Metalic Constructions and Mechanical Industries Co.
Company of Melallic Constructions and Mechanical Industries
Mechanical Construction Factory
Metal Constructions and Mechanical Industries Company
ADDRESS: PO Box 1149, Damascus, Syria
Rural Damascus: Adra, Industrial Zone, next to Teshreen Mill, P.O. Box: 1149, Damascus, Syria
P.O. Box 1149 Adra, Damascus, Syria
Homs, Syria
Al-Qabon, Damascus, Syria
PHONE:963 011 5810719, +963-11-5810718, +963 11 4474579, +963 11 5810718, +963 11 5810719, +963(11)5810718, +963(11)5810719, 434399-434001, 4525965, 4526032, 4529991, 113781, 113788
FAX: 963 011 5810721, +963-11-5810719, +963 11 5810721, +963 11 4411330, +963(11)5810721, 434399, 4529995, 5429060
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