Ningbo New Century Import and Export Company, Ltd.

A China-based import and export company that has facilitated shipments of dual-use items to Iran; some items were ultimately destined for U.N.-sanctioned Shahid Hemat Industrial Group (SHIG); sanctioned by the United States in 2017.

DCB Finance Limited

Operates as a front company on behalf of North Korea’s Daedong Credit Bank; sanctioned by the United States in 2013; sanctioned by the U.N. Security Council in 2016 as an entity responsible for North Korea’s WMD-related programs.

Syed Vaqar Ashraf

A Pakistani national who attempted to export miniature vertical gyroscopes, items appearing on the USML, from the United States to Pakistan without the required licenses; pled guilty in 2016; serves as an official at I&E International and Data Systems.

Company of Metallic Constructions and Mechanical Industries

A Syrian entity subordinate to Handasieh (General Establishment for Engineering Industries), which is responsible for developing chemical weapons and ballistic missiles; identified as the consignee of a shipment of military-related items from North Korea that was seized in 2010.

Gulf Gate Sea Cargo L.L.C.

A Dubai-based shipping and freight forwarding company, run by Mehrdad Ansari, involved in a conspiracy to ship thousands of U.S.-origin military and dual-use parts to Iran without required export licenses; added to the U.S. Entity List in 2016.

KBP Instrument Design Bureau

A Russian research and production center that develops precision-guided weapons; transferred lethal military equipment to Iran and Iraq in 2003; sanctioned by the U.S. in 2006, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation (KOMID)

North Korea’s primary exporter of ballistic missiles and conventional weapons; sanctioned by the U.N. Security Council in 2009; supplies Iran and Syria with missile and military equipment.

Trident International Corporation, LLC

A California-based exporter of electronic components; indicted in 2015 for smuggling goods and money laundering; from 2011 to 2013, allegedly exported dual-use computer chips with military applications from the U.S. to freight forwarders in Estonia and Finland for transshipment to Russia.

Shahid Hemat Industrial Group (SHIG)

A subordinate of Iran’s Aerospace Industries Organization responsible for Iran’s liquid-fuelled ballistic missile program, including the medium-range Shahab-3 (based on North Korea’s No Dong missile); designated by the U.N. in 2006 pursuant to Security Council resolution 1737.

Step Standard Technical Part

A Turkey-based company involved in procurement for Iran’s missile program; in 2006, alleged to have illegally shipped guided missile parts and dual-use nuclear-related material to Iran; sanctioned by the E.U. in 2011; added to the U.S. SDN list in 2011.